Weight of Riches

ACT II- Desert of Desolation

Throught the portal the Heroes find Zakhara land of Fate


When the heroes come out of the portal they find themselves in a desert land, Osaze feels there is a disconnect from his Deity, he understand that they are on a new plane or land than Mystara. after finding a local temple in a nearby community, the Heroes paid for medical attention while Chance goes off to the town square where he gets in a brawl, during the Brawl he is stabbed, and in the morning in his place a nasty ichor jelly like substance was left behind, proving to the Heroes that in fact he was a doppelgänger and that The Real Chance was in need of Rescue. Tho the Shape shifter made off with a big sum of the Groups money. Chance’s Familiar, the IMP, appears to the group and lets them know Chance was in need of them, and they begin the Quest to free Chance.

I3 5

Toril 2



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