Weight of Riches

Kings Festival Pt3

Gargamel & the hostages

Day 2—


After waking in the morning, the Heroes found that the barricades they set up for the doors did in fact keep out any nasty critters of the dungeon. tho it was obvious things did still lurk about while they slept. outside of each of the doors a pile of bloody Orc meat Fillet was left like a sacrifice, a threat, or an offering. the Heroes, never-less, continued on and immediately found a Pair of orc Lieutenants torturing a Dwarf And Halfling by having their giant spider bite them many times. the Heroes set the prisoners free and slaughtered the Orcs and their pet. Soon after, the Heroes found a Well Dressed Bugbear who could speak common, the Bugbear was not happy about being with orcs. and when the Heroes ambushed the monster the Bugbear surrendered and explained he had no desire to help the Orcs. he gave his name as Gargamel and that he was supposed to meet with the orc chief but was growing impationet and wanted to leave. so the heroes not feeling threatened allowed him to walk by and leave the cave. after which the Heroes proceeded to finish exploring the rooms on the top level before heading to the second dungeon level. at the bottom of the stairs the Heroes came in battle with giant red worms. at which time Silverloche nearly met his fate. after the battle the Heroes came to face a carrier crawler, after many of the Heroes planned a retreat strategy , the Forrester Kile Greenleaf stepped up and put two of his hunting Arrows in the Beasts eyes killing him instantly. but the wounds of the red worms were not fully healed. the heroes knew they needed to recover from their wounds before continuing on further. so they traveled back to the first floor and set up camp in the Orc chiefs chambers, here they found The dwarf and the Halfling once again. but unfortunately their slumber was interrupted as the sound of Orcs wakens the heroes up as trouble begins to knock at their door.



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