Weight of Riches

Kings Festival Pt4

The Cleric of Chaos

B11 chaotic cleric

The Heroes rest is interrupted as Gargamel the Bugbear returned with a force of 8 Orcs, ambushing the Heroes proved to be fatal for him tho as they quickly dispersed of the orc threat with little sweat. afterword the heroes. recovered and continued their exploration of the lower level of the dungeon. down in the depths of darkness they fought some Skeletons and Zombies, and managed to interrupt a Chaos cleric who was “Doing his Thang” the party managed to kill him and find his treasure along with the exit to the caves. but needing to train Osaze the party decided to gather thier rewards and head back to town, and plan to come back and finish the last tunnel when they recover.

within the Treasure room of the Chaos Cleric, the party found this note:

B10 handout



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