Weight of Riches

Pharaoh pt2

Sinkholes suck

Handout sinkhole
After Adventuring into the Desert of desolation to find the bandits who have been raiding the sultan, the Heroes have traveled through a disorienting sandstorm and arrived at a pair of pillars. later it was found that the pillars marked the width of the path to follow. for stepping off the path triggered sinkholes of great size, and after almost losing IVAN, in the falling sand of the Sinkhole, the Heroes training paid off, except IMP was so startled by the trap he teleported back to chance. after comparing the runes on the pillars, Ivan finally put together that the pillars where a warning of some kind, some sort of “Keep Out” sign.

continuing on the Heroes came to a fork in the road where an old stone obelisk listed 2 possible sights, some city, and a pyramid tomb. but the direction of which road led to which road was wore off, and could not be identified. so the group flipped a coin and decided to go left.



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