Weight of Riches

Queens Harvest Pt 1

after spending Some time in the village, the Heroes complete their training, and sell some items. while they divide the treasure, and prepare to set off. They did some inquiring about the note and the name of the wizard on the paper they got from the Evil cleric, finally Aralik informed the Heroes that the Wizard lives in a mansion off of the Dukes Road about half way to the next city.

The heroes began their quest to find the wizard and find out what the importance of the note is.

Arriving at the Mansion, the group is invited in and has a meeting with the lord of the house, it turns out the wizard they were seeking is apparently dead, and his Son has taken over the estate. not keen on weather to trust the Son or not, the group develops a plan to wait for the Lord to leave in the morning and bluff the house workers that they are there to measure for Drapes. with intent to snoop in the mansion to find out if the new Lord should be trusted. the bluff failed and the House workers defended their home with rakes.



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