Weight of Riches

Snakes & Towers Pt 3 & 4

The Finale of Act 1

Magic portal1

Our heroes Continued climbing further up the White tower, when they came to a room with a magical trap, the trap nearly killed some of the Group, but did send the Dwarf to fall to his death. The Group was able to make it past the trap and to the top of the tower where they found a spire in the center of the roof, surrounded by a wall of doors, all leading to the stone wall behind them. further examining of the spire revealed a stone hand. and when the group put the magic ring on the hand it lit up,but was still missing something. Chance, remembered the magic sphere from the trap and proceeded downstairs to solve the riddle of the trap that killed the dwarf. Chance figured out the trap and retrieved the Sphere, just in time to find that a regiment of the Fire Snake Soldiers had been following the group as they were making their way up the tower. The Heroes where in no condition to resist the Soldier so they cooperated, the portal was activated in time for the Soldiers to produce from behind them a prisoner, bag over his head with demonic chains locked and binding him. the Soldiers demanded that the heroes lead the way into one of the magic portals that appeared behind one of the doors. and when the Heroes made it through, they realized they were not going to the same place that the Soldiers were, they were able to see the Soldiers wrestling with the chained man, and just before they were teleported they could see in the struggle the bag over the mans head fall off and before them chained and being pulled into a different door, they seen Chance.

So if that was chance being taken away… Who has been with them this whole time?Scottys two red doors m



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