Weight of Riches

Towers & Snakes Pt 1

the group meets a new band of mercenaries that seem to be interested in them.

the battle with the Mansion laborers Began, They won initiative, and made a successful hit against Chance, who went unconscious . As soon as he did. Silverloche Immediately dropped his weapons and raised his hands and made the most impressive BLUFF roll i have yet seen by him. as he yelled “Wait, you freed us from the wizards spell, he forced us to assist him. but now we are free” the bluff amazingly worked. the laborers bound and gagged Chance (at this point he was dying still) as the group ran with Silverloche’s bluff and offered to take the fugitive Chance to the authorities. the Laborers agrees but to make sure that there was no funny business, 4 Laborers chaperoned the group as they planned to take Chance to the local authority, which just lay half a days travel south of the road.

AS the group left, Osaze secretly healed Chance, and made sure that he could hear his voice so that chance would not struggle and know that there was a plan being unraveled by his friends. but on the journey to the Authorities. A Regiment of Soldiers bearing a banner than none identified.Firesnake the Sgt of the Regiment was some kind of Militant Wizard. his second in command was some kind of Fighter. The Sgt announce to the group that they were looking for some “fugitives” particularly some “outsiders” who may have "different characteristics from what this region is known for. (at this point Carmen made her Disquise check as she hid in her cloak) it was then offered up by Silverloch that There were no Outsiders here, and that they were simply transporting the Fugitive Tiefling to the Authorities. (this caused the rest of the party to FACEPALM as the SGT respond with.. A TIEFLING YOU SAY? What is that?) so Silverloche began to try to play off the tiefling forgetting that Tieflings are not native to Mystara. more interesting the SGT into wanting to see this “chance”. as he approached chance he was able to make out a glance of Osaze holy symbol he wore around his neck. The SGT then said to Silverloche. “Very well, I will take the Fugitive off of your hands, and ask that you turn over the Cleric too” Silverloche noticing carmen becoming more eager to cast a spell says “well what do we get out of giving you our healer and our prisoner?” the sergeant responded with “fair enough” and threw a Bowlingball sized sack of platinum pieces on the ground near the feet of Silverloche “i am sure this payment will suffice” at this point Osaze realized that being SO outnumbered fighting would not be a wise thing to do, informs this to Silverloche. But Carmen was becoming agitated and looked to Silverloch for a sign to cast her spell. the SGt seeing the communication between the fighter and the mage new that they planned to do something foolish so he put his Ring of Spell turning on. then Silverloch jumps back and draws his sword. and Carmen Casts sleep, However the the spell is redirected to the caster and the group (except for osaze) and 2 of the Soldiers fall asleep.

At the mercenaries camp, there is a large tower surrounded by dead vegetation. as osaze is brought to the hooded leader of the mercenaries (who sits on a wooden throne) he was given an opportunity to complete a deed for the Soldiers by clearing out whatever evil is in the tower. the evil after all is a blight on the land. Osaze questioned the motives of this army of soldiers and their leader, but instead is answered with an ultimatum, Kyle Greenleaf will remain behind as a token of good faith along with the 4 Mansion Workers. and will only be let go if the group succeeds in ridding the evil of the tower. The hooded figure then went as far as to say that if the group didn’t do as asked that those being held prisoner would be killed. on top of the ultimatum, the Hooded one says he will still hold up his agreement of paying them with the sack of platinum. Hooded

so the Heroes agreed and proceeded to the tower, where Osaze immediately recognized the symbols of his patron immortal “Horon” in the decoration of the tower, along with inside statues and carvings of the same mythos. in the first floor of the tower the heroes are attacked by zombies, Zombies which happen to wear the same Horonii markings that Osaze has seen in his home land of Hollow World.



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