Weight of Riches

Towers & Snakes pt2

Kyle Joins the group

After the fight, on the main floor of the Tower, just as the Heroes are about to proceed through the doors of the Balcony, Kyle Greenleaf bursts through the main doors and lets them know he has escaped from the hooded mans camp. the heroes welcome him as they continue on exploring this ancient tower. Coming Across a carrion Crawler, an Orc Archer, halfling assassin, and a giant spider. and even a Thoul. but then the Heroes found the main tower, and upon raching the next level they begin to find odd work stations of alchemy, and glass containers holding creatures in a strange fluid. one such container held an old man. Wizardafter learning how to use the crystal wand to de-activate the containers, and breaking the glass. they set an old man Free, who could not remember his name, he only remembered that he was from a land called Moon-Shae.



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