Weight of Riches

Towers & Snkes Pt3

Finding the Dwarf And madman


The Heroes lead their expedition further up the white tower, to find many orcs. They found a Dwarf Prisoner being roasted over an open flame. in an attempt to help the dwarf, Chance used his wit to gain a Henchman, a lowly Orc only named “Minion” A sleep spell and a good fight later, shown that the leader of the orcs in this tower is only known as Gorn. It is also a bit of concern when the newly free’d Dwarf recognizes the old man. and claims that the old man was in his Adventuring party. and on top of that he says that the Wizard became violent and killed some of the other party members when they investigated a Ring that was found in possession of the Wizard. A ring that the dwarf still has in his possession since the incident.

It is also become knowledge that the old man (who still has no memories but remembers sand in his window) and the Dwarf feel as if they are not in thier home world anymore, as well as the strange bit of information that the Dwarf and Wizard entered a Black tower in a jungle, yet the group entered a slanted White tower in the woods, both seemed to be encircled with dying vegetation. and both seemed to be hexagonal in design.



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