Cleric of Halav


Aralic is 44 years old, 5’ 8’’ tall and of medium build. He has curly brown hair and green-hazel eyes. He is a kindly, friendly man. Aralik prefers to tend to the people of Stallanford, curing any injuries they have and preaching at his small temple of Halav rather than to go out adventuring. An important psychological quirk is that he is fairly claustrophobic, which made is imprisonment condition even worse.


Strength: 11 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 16 Dexterity: 13 Constitution: 9 Charisma: 14. Alignment: Lawful. Armor Class: 3 (chain mail and shield) Hit Points: 11

Spells used: cure light wounds (x2) Magicitems: mace +1,continual light gem (see below), scroll of spells: cure light wounds (x2)


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