3rd Level Fighter


The Heroes Know:

Janner is..

  1. Human
  2. Fighter
  3. proficient with tracking
  4. Father to a son who was murdered by Orcs in the Orc Raid that kidnapped Aralik
  5. Wife has died within the past 5 years from a sickness
  6. Has a magic Longbow, but refuses to tell the story of how he got it.
  7. Sworn to Halav to kill any orc that is seen to revenge his sons death.

Janner is 39 yr old human, with dark colored hair eyes, & mustache. He suffers a wound on his sword arm preventing him to lift the full weight of a Longsword in the same manner that he did in his adventurous youth. Since then he has devoted his skill to archery, as his bow is magical and does not require any strain on his part to use it. Janner lives in Stallanford, where he retired with his wife and son. His wife Helen died from sickness 5 years ago. and his son Thomas was recently slain in the Orc invasion in which Alaric was kidnapped.
Janner has made a Pledge to the Immortal Halav that after his mourning, he will do everything in his power to rid Mystara from the plague that is ORC!


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