Weight of Riches

Pharaoh pt2
Sinkholes suck

Handout sinkhole
After Adventuring into the Desert of desolation to find the bandits who have been raiding the sultan, the Heroes have traveled through a disorienting sandstorm and arrived at a pair of pillars. later it was found that the pillars marked the width of the path to follow. for stepping off the path triggered sinkholes of great size, and after almost losing IVAN, in the falling sand of the Sinkhole, the Heroes training paid off, except IMP was so startled by the trap he teleported back to chance. after comparing the runes on the pillars, Ivan finally put together that the pillars where a warning of some kind, some sort of “Keep Out” sign.

continuing on the Heroes came to a fork in the road where an old stone obelisk listed 2 possible sights, some city, and a pyramid tomb. but the direction of which road led to which road was wore off, and could not be identified. so the group flipped a coin and decided to go left.

Chapter 1- Pharaoh pt1
Foreigners quest


4 months after coming to Zakhara, the Heroes have come to learn many of the ways of the desert. the Tower that they came out of, was a replica of the white tower, altho this one is now blue, and it is missing the Crystal ball, and Ring. So for the last 4 months the Heroes have been taking many odd jobs trying to find the Crystal ball and ring that they could use to open the blue tower portal and hopefully get to free their friend Chance from the evil Arch Mage that has him captured.

During the last few months Carmen, decided to leave the group for whatever reason, and Ivyn, and Karis two of Osazes old companions from back in the Hollow World. have come to meet him by chance, and have joined up with Osaze because they too have found their way to this foreign desert land and wish to go home to Mystara, and Hollow World.

In the many rumor gathering escapades, there is a story of a great magic treasure, including a crystal ball. that originates to the far north-west, beyond where most will not travel. it is there that the Heroes begin their journey to hopefully find a way to get to their friend.

Handout introduction

A lonely group of horsemen stands huddled at the base of a
range of craggy, dry mountains, the red light of a dying day
casting long shadows behind them. A parched wind, still alive
with the desert heat, rustles their capes over their sweatsoaked
leather armor. The horsemen have formed a circle
astride their steeds and hunch down sadly against the sandy
It is your party that stands within this circle of grizzled soldiers.
The last thing you recall is enjoying the richness of this land
and absorbing all of its strange tales of wealth and greatness.
But now you are awake, confused amid these heavily shadowed
faces under a deep red sunset.
The weathered face of the commander turns toward you,
leather-brown skin setting off his steel-blue eyes. He pulls
from his saddle pouch an elegant scroll and reads loudly over
the rustling wind its flowing, formal message:
know ye
BY OR&R OF his majesty
RULER anb tRustee OF the Realm
Wh€R€aS I t hhth 88817 R€pORt€b Of late t O OUR majesty that
CeRtAln bank anb V l k b€S€Rt raiders have crossed the
terrible mountain wastes of the south, over Loncjforgotten
paths, thence to Raib anb pillacje OUR hamlets
anb towns anb thence bisappeaRincj into those same FORWh€
R€aS OUR valiant tRoops have tRaCk€b these same wLe
BlbblnG hills, Anb
creatures thnoucjh the VeRy teeth Of that awesome Ranc;e
t o t he VeRY B O R ~ ~ oRfS t he most accursed lanb, known t o
the WlS€ as the b€S€Rt Of b€SOlatiOn, anb BelnCj know-
LebGeaBLe as to the CURS ~ So f that beab anb haunteb lanb
blb OUR h o a Of DRAW knic;hts ~ ~ S ehlaylt thein puRsuit,
dnb fURth€RmOR€, Wh€R€aS CBRtaln FORel Gn cahracters
whose descriptions match those OF the VSRy GROUP hen€
assemoleb at my most hOnOR€b an6 R ~ V ~ RReEqu~es t, w e ~ e
seen in the vlcinity or the tent of wan-boo the wonbnous,
wizaRb OF the couRt, in the latten pant OF the eveninc; anb
Wh€R€aS those pensons bib attain entRy to Saib tent anb
bib ShORt-sheet the wizanb’s seb anb bo all manner? OF
petty pranks anb bib Leave $OR the wizard a ceRtain maib
FOR an allecjeb bate wth saib wzaRb, anb
Wh€R€aS saib wizanb bib Retunn to saib tent with yet
seconb wench bib Beqn a Loub commotion an0 bistun-
Bance the Like of which has neveR B ~ F O Rsh~a ken this
stately count anb upset the wizanb to no enb,
bnOth€R wench wheaeupon Both the FlRSt maib Anb the
th€R€fOR€ Be I t b€CR€€b that Sblb p€RSOnS BB AppOlnteb
SP€Clbl FOI2Ce Unb€R OUR ITIaj€sty to tRaCk the COURSe Of the
RalbeRS fROm the b€S€Rt Of b€SOkltlOn, Wh€R€ SUR~LY even
the RalbeRS COUlb not SURVIVB, SeaRch Out thBlR hibinc;
place Anb BRlnCj US Back pROOf that they have FOUnb that
hibben $ORtR€SS in the besent. We FURtheR b€CR€€ that
they may Retain All that they BRinG FORth with them fOR
thein own use fnom that faoleb lanb OF tReasuRe anb beath.
Be I t yet FURtheR b€CR€€b thht If th€ypR€f€R not this quest
they may choose OF beath By hanGinG, beath By ~IPeBall,
beath By pOLytI7ORph. beath By mme StRik€, beath By
llCjhtnInG.. .
Rolling the scroll back up with his calloused hands, the commander
leans down toward you. “What this means, you poor
foreigners, is that you have been chosen to enter that cursed
dead land south of here. It means that it doesn’t matter whether
you were in the tent that night or not, because you are easy to
get rid of without ruffling any feathers.”
“And it also means,” speaks the aged, though rugged, form
besidethe commander, “that these here raiders has caused his
majesty a good deal of trouble with the Barons. You’re his
proof that he is doing something about them.” His laugh rolls
through the hills.
The commander silences him with a sharp look, then continues.
“We have brought you certain supplies and mounts
from which you may choose. There is no water within two
weeks’ tortured ride over the mountains from this spot, and
those hills are full of cutthroat barbarians that kill forthesheer
joy of it. Without this armed escort, it would be suicide to
attempt crossing back from whence we have come. Your only
hope, for what it may be worth, will be to follow those tracks
and hope that they lead to water.” His lifted arm points southward,
and all eyes follow its direction. There in the desert
sands, aconfused trail mars thesurface and leads straight into
the heart of the burning land.
Looking south across the barren wastes, lifeless dunes roll in
an endless succession away from the mountains to the south,
east and west. You have heard tales of this place. Fabulous
wealth as yet unclaimed lies there waiting to be freed. It is all
yoursforthetaking-if only you can survivethis haunted land.

ACT II- Desert of Desolation
Throught the portal the Heroes find Zakhara land of Fate


When the heroes come out of the portal they find themselves in a desert land, Osaze feels there is a disconnect from his Deity, he understand that they are on a new plane or land than Mystara. after finding a local temple in a nearby community, the Heroes paid for medical attention while Chance goes off to the town square where he gets in a brawl, during the Brawl he is stabbed, and in the morning in his place a nasty ichor jelly like substance was left behind, proving to the Heroes that in fact he was a doppelgänger and that The Real Chance was in need of Rescue. Tho the Shape shifter made off with a big sum of the Groups money. Chance’s Familiar, the IMP, appears to the group and lets them know Chance was in need of them, and they begin the Quest to free Chance.

I3 5

Toril 2

Snakes & Towers Pt 3 & 4
The Finale of Act 1

Magic portal1

Our heroes Continued climbing further up the White tower, when they came to a room with a magical trap, the trap nearly killed some of the Group, but did send the Dwarf to fall to his death. The Group was able to make it past the trap and to the top of the tower where they found a spire in the center of the roof, surrounded by a wall of doors, all leading to the stone wall behind them. further examining of the spire revealed a stone hand. and when the group put the magic ring on the hand it lit up,but was still missing something. Chance, remembered the magic sphere from the trap and proceeded downstairs to solve the riddle of the trap that killed the dwarf. Chance figured out the trap and retrieved the Sphere, just in time to find that a regiment of the Fire Snake Soldiers had been following the group as they were making their way up the tower. The Heroes where in no condition to resist the Soldier so they cooperated, the portal was activated in time for the Soldiers to produce from behind them a prisoner, bag over his head with demonic chains locked and binding him. the Soldiers demanded that the heroes lead the way into one of the magic portals that appeared behind one of the doors. and when the Heroes made it through, they realized they were not going to the same place that the Soldiers were, they were able to see the Soldiers wrestling with the chained man, and just before they were teleported they could see in the struggle the bag over the mans head fall off and before them chained and being pulled into a different door, they seen Chance.

So if that was chance being taken away… Who has been with them this whole time?Scottys two red doors m

Towers & Snkes Pt3
Finding the Dwarf And madman


The Heroes lead their expedition further up the white tower, to find many orcs. They found a Dwarf Prisoner being roasted over an open flame. in an attempt to help the dwarf, Chance used his wit to gain a Henchman, a lowly Orc only named “Minion” A sleep spell and a good fight later, shown that the leader of the orcs in this tower is only known as Gorn. It is also a bit of concern when the newly free’d Dwarf recognizes the old man. and claims that the old man was in his Adventuring party. and on top of that he says that the Wizard became violent and killed some of the other party members when they investigated a Ring that was found in possession of the Wizard. A ring that the dwarf still has in his possession since the incident.

It is also become knowledge that the old man (who still has no memories but remembers sand in his window) and the Dwarf feel as if they are not in thier home world anymore, as well as the strange bit of information that the Dwarf and Wizard entered a Black tower in a jungle, yet the group entered a slanted White tower in the woods, both seemed to be encircled with dying vegetation. and both seemed to be hexagonal in design.

Towers & Snakes pt2
Kyle Joins the group

After the fight, on the main floor of the Tower, just as the Heroes are about to proceed through the doors of the Balcony, Kyle Greenleaf bursts through the main doors and lets them know he has escaped from the hooded mans camp. the heroes welcome him as they continue on exploring this ancient tower. Coming Across a carrion Crawler, an Orc Archer, halfling assassin, and a giant spider. and even a Thoul. but then the Heroes found the main tower, and upon raching the next level they begin to find odd work stations of alchemy, and glass containers holding creatures in a strange fluid. one such container held an old man. Wizardafter learning how to use the crystal wand to de-activate the containers, and breaking the glass. they set an old man Free, who could not remember his name, he only remembered that he was from a land called Moon-Shae.

Towers & Snakes Pt 1
the group meets a new band of mercenaries that seem to be interested in them.
the battle with the Mansion laborers Began, They won initiative, and made a successful hit against Chance, who went unconscious . As soon as he did. Silverloche Immediately dropped his weapons and raised his hands and made the most impressive BLUFF roll i have yet seen by him. as he yelled “Wait, you freed us from the wizards spell, he forced us to assist him. but now we are free” the bluff amazingly worked. the laborers bound and gagged Chance (at this point he was dying still) as the group ran with Silverloche’s bluff and offered to take the fugitive Chance to the authorities. the Laborers agrees but to make sure that there was no funny business, 4 Laborers chaperoned the group as they planned to take Chance to the local authority, which just lay half a days travel south of the road.

AS the group left, Osaze secretly healed Chance, and made sure that he could hear his voice so that chance would not struggle and know that there was a plan being unraveled by his friends. but on the journey to the Authorities. A Regiment of Soldiers bearing a banner than none identified.Firesnake the Sgt of the Regiment was some kind of Militant Wizard. his second in command was some kind of Fighter. The Sgt announce to the group that they were looking for some “fugitives” particularly some “outsiders” who may have "different characteristics from what this region is known for. (at this point Carmen made her Disquise check as she hid in her cloak) it was then offered up by Silverloch that There were no Outsiders here, and that they were simply transporting the Fugitive Tiefling to the Authorities. (this caused the rest of the party to FACEPALM as the SGT respond with.. A TIEFLING YOU SAY? What is that?) so Silverloche began to try to play off the tiefling forgetting that Tieflings are not native to Mystara. more interesting the SGT into wanting to see this “chance”. as he approached chance he was able to make out a glance of Osaze holy symbol he wore around his neck. The SGT then said to Silverloche. “Very well, I will take the Fugitive off of your hands, and ask that you turn over the Cleric too” Silverloche noticing carmen becoming more eager to cast a spell says “well what do we get out of giving you our healer and our prisoner?” the sergeant responded with “fair enough” and threw a Bowlingball sized sack of platinum pieces on the ground near the feet of Silverloche “i am sure this payment will suffice” at this point Osaze realized that being SO outnumbered fighting would not be a wise thing to do, informs this to Silverloche. But Carmen was becoming agitated and looked to Silverloch for a sign to cast her spell. the SGt seeing the communication between the fighter and the mage new that they planned to do something foolish so he put his Ring of Spell turning on. then Silverloch jumps back and draws his sword. and Carmen Casts sleep, However the the spell is redirected to the caster and the group (except for osaze) and 2 of the Soldiers fall asleep.

At the mercenaries camp, there is a large tower surrounded by dead vegetation. as osaze is brought to the hooded leader of the mercenaries (who sits on a wooden throne) he was given an opportunity to complete a deed for the Soldiers by clearing out whatever evil is in the tower. the evil after all is a blight on the land. Osaze questioned the motives of this army of soldiers and their leader, but instead is answered with an ultimatum, Kyle Greenleaf will remain behind as a token of good faith along with the 4 Mansion Workers. and will only be let go if the group succeeds in ridding the evil of the tower. The hooded figure then went as far as to say that if the group didn’t do as asked that those being held prisoner would be killed. on top of the ultimatum, the Hooded one says he will still hold up his agreement of paying them with the sack of platinum. Hooded

so the Heroes agreed and proceeded to the tower, where Osaze immediately recognized the symbols of his patron immortal “Horon” in the decoration of the tower, along with inside statues and carvings of the same mythos. in the first floor of the tower the heroes are attacked by zombies, Zombies which happen to wear the same Horonii markings that Osaze has seen in his home land of Hollow World.

Queens Harvest Pt 1

after spending Some time in the village, the Heroes complete their training, and sell some items. while they divide the treasure, and prepare to set off. They did some inquiring about the note and the name of the wizard on the paper they got from the Evil cleric, finally Aralik informed the Heroes that the Wizard lives in a mansion off of the Dukes Road about half way to the next city.

The heroes began their quest to find the wizard and find out what the importance of the note is.

Arriving at the Mansion, the group is invited in and has a meeting with the lord of the house, it turns out the wizard they were seeking is apparently dead, and his Son has taken over the estate. not keen on weather to trust the Son or not, the group develops a plan to wait for the Lord to leave in the morning and bluff the house workers that they are there to measure for Drapes. with intent to snoop in the mansion to find out if the new Lord should be trusted. the bluff failed and the House workers defended their home with rakes.

Kings Festival Pt4
The Cleric of Chaos

B11 chaotic cleric

The Heroes rest is interrupted as Gargamel the Bugbear returned with a force of 8 Orcs, ambushing the Heroes proved to be fatal for him tho as they quickly dispersed of the orc threat with little sweat. afterword the heroes. recovered and continued their exploration of the lower level of the dungeon. down in the depths of darkness they fought some Skeletons and Zombies, and managed to interrupt a Chaos cleric who was “Doing his Thang” the party managed to kill him and find his treasure along with the exit to the caves. but needing to train Osaze the party decided to gather thier rewards and head back to town, and plan to come back and finish the last tunnel when they recover.

within the Treasure room of the Chaos Cleric, the party found this note:

B10 handout

Kings Festival Pt3
Gargamel & the hostages
Day 2—


After waking in the morning, the Heroes found that the barricades they set up for the doors did in fact keep out any nasty critters of the dungeon. tho it was obvious things did still lurk about while they slept. outside of each of the doors a pile of bloody Orc meat Fillet was left like a sacrifice, a threat, or an offering. the Heroes, never-less, continued on and immediately found a Pair of orc Lieutenants torturing a Dwarf And Halfling by having their giant spider bite them many times. the Heroes set the prisoners free and slaughtered the Orcs and their pet. Soon after, the Heroes found a Well Dressed Bugbear who could speak common, the Bugbear was not happy about being with orcs. and when the Heroes ambushed the monster the Bugbear surrendered and explained he had no desire to help the Orcs. he gave his name as Gargamel and that he was supposed to meet with the orc chief but was growing impationet and wanted to leave. so the heroes not feeling threatened allowed him to walk by and leave the cave. after which the Heroes proceeded to finish exploring the rooms on the top level before heading to the second dungeon level. at the bottom of the stairs the Heroes came in battle with giant red worms. at which time Silverloche nearly met his fate. after the battle the Heroes came to face a carrier crawler, after many of the Heroes planned a retreat strategy , the Forrester Kile Greenleaf stepped up and put two of his hunting Arrows in the Beasts eyes killing him instantly. but the wounds of the red worms were not fully healed. the heroes knew they needed to recover from their wounds before continuing on further. so they traveled back to the first floor and set up camp in the Orc chiefs chambers, here they found The dwarf and the Halfling once again. but unfortunately their slumber was interrupted as the sound of Orcs wakens the heroes up as trouble begins to knock at their door.


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